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Davoodi Foods Brand (FERZ) in 1999 with the aim of producing and self-sufficiency in replacing poor quality imported chewing gum entering industrial production, launching a variety of Bubble gum and chewing gum in a wide variety of industries while operating the phase one of its factory in Parand Industrial City.

In the course of its development in 2003, the industrial group designed and installed production lines for hunting varieties, and in 2008 for the production of ready-to-eat jelly varieties. Nowadays, the factory management, considering the expansion of the population and variety of customers' tastes, intends to modernize the gum product lines, to achieve greater diversification and reach, thus gaining more market share in the imported goods sector and thus to promote the production of gum in the country.

In this regard, by selecting the best suppliers of domestic and foreign raw materials, it has been able to import the highest quality raw materials into the factory and after careful testing, according to the relevant standards and the approval of the quality authorities, put the raw materials in stock and in the wake of its overwhelming customer tastes, these raw materials are formulated in the manufacturing department and are continuously evaluated sensitively to satisfy our knowledgeable and problem-aware customers.

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It is worth noting that all the products of this factory are subjected to strict quality and hygienic investigations in different parts of the raw materials warehouse and product warehouse, and ultimately in certified microbial and chemical laboratories, free from any contamination and contamination.

Control and Quality

Of course, the factory quality control and control unit in all parts of the warehouse and production, with the required standards in all departments as well as using the proprietary inspection forms of that department, performed the necessary controls to produce the ideal product To be marketed, and our dear consumer can confidently receive a high quality Iranian product.

Chewing gum is distinguished by its attractive, simple and colorful packaging
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Always Available

Due to the expansive sales and distribution system, these products are planned so that Ferz gum products are always available in all parts of Iran, and the customer does not spend much time providing them.

Fair Prices

Ferz products, with an efficient, customer-centric, customer-centric system of maximized cost calculation, operate in line with optimal sales rules, being fair priced, and able to control the price of other competitors as a leader

High Quality

These products have been manufactured in accordance with the latest technology available in the country, in compliance with the highest Iranian and international factory and national standards and have always been approved by the safety and quality experts.

Special attention to kids

It is one of the few collections in the country that focuses on children's taste and interests, and it also aims at discussing market penetration and market development techniques. Meanwhile, FERZ products are extremely useful to all consumers, including children, given their high quality.

Manufacturing technology and machinery

It has the best domestic and foreign machinery and its products are in acceptable quality and range. In Phase 2, however, the focus will be on modern foreign machines with unparalleled capacity and quality.

High interest in children and adolescents

These products have a great variety of designs, colors, packaging and are almost unique in this respect. These types of products are very popular with kids and have a fun design on the product and packaging and innovation in taste and color and The texture of the product has attracted a large audience.

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  • Products

    Factory products are classified into two major subgroups: Bubble Gum and Chewing Gum
  • Production process

    The process of production is that in the market research section, firstly, the need for new products is examined, the purchase of the device in question is issued and financed, the production of new products according to the market needs of the product design unit, R&D).
  • Research and Development

    In this section the designed product is priced after conducting economic studies and costing, enters the production testing phase, and after market production and testing and approval and approval, providing the necessary equipment and requirements, It is mass-produced and enters the commodity cycle.

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